Get some of the best chains. From Cubans to Tennis, we got it all.


Get some of the best chains. From Cubans to Tennis, we got it all.


Layer up on us! Complement your fit with any of these bestselling chains. From Cubans to Tennis Chains, we’ve got everything you need to drip hard.

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Silver Diamond Tennis Chain - HYPE HOUSE CHAINS
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Lil Pump x Got Drip
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YG Iced Out Cuban + Digital Download - HYPE HOUSE CHAINS
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Three Tone Rapper Cuban Choker Chain - HYPE HOUSE CHAINS
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Micro Paved Rapper Choker Chain - HYPE HOUSE CHAINS
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Two Tone Rapper Cuban Chain - HYPE HOUSE CHAINS
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Gold Diamond Tennis Chain - HYPE HOUSE CHAINS
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Classic Rope Chain in Gold - HYPE HOUSE CHAINS
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Classic Rope Chain in Silver - HYPE HOUSE CHAINS
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See Through Cuban Chain - HYPE HOUSE CHAINS
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Flood Out Your Neck For Less With Rapper Chains At Hype!

Just because you’re not rocking the same budget as Future or Lil Uzi Vert doesn’t mean you can’t get yourself quality rapper chains that dance in the light - at least, not when you shop here at Hype!

We carry all the hip-hop chains you’ve come to know and love, so you’ll find the perfect piece for you - and if you don’t, we can even custom make you one - just like your favorite rapper’s jeweler.

We have so many options to choose from that you’re sure to leave our shop with something new. 

Whether you’re looking for a classic Cuban chain or a tennis chain - with or without diamonds - you’ll find it here. 

Rock The Same Chains The Rappers Wear - But Without The Pricetag

Rappers are known for the types of chains they wear - this status symbol has come to be one of the most highly sought-after pieces of jewelry, whether you rap or not.

Some of your favorite artists will routinely drop hundreds of thousands of dollars on their chains; not everyone has got it like that though!

With budget-friendly rapper chains, you don’t have to compromise on your look - you can still get that iced-out chain for under $100. However, this is only possible when you shop here at Hype.

Why Hype Is The Best Place To Buy Rapper Chains

There are all sorts of cheap chain retailers on the internet, many of them promising they’re entirely authentic, with real gold, real diamonds, etc.

But are these sites legit? Unfortunately, they are usually not. That means even though you might spend only $10-20 on your new chain, you’re going to be underwhelmed and want your money back once it arrives.

That’s why more and more people are shopping for high-quality, cheap chains here at Hype. If you’re balling on a budget, we’re the shop for you - here’s why. 

Iced Out Hip Hop Chains For Less

With some of these awesome pieces starting at just $25, you won’t have to break the bank to get a chain that stands out in the crowd. Even our most expensive, premium range chains are still $100 or less - with most calling in the $30-50 range.

That’s incredibly affordable - especially when you see the quality of our jewelry. Using high-quality metals only, and stunning VVS simulate diamonds - anyone who lays eyes on your neck will assume you just came from the jeweler. 

As we mentioned earlier, we have a complete range of chains - some of these are specific to your favorite rappers, like Lil Pump or YG. Others are just flashy, sparkling tennis chains or Cuban links.

Whatever your taste - you’ll find the chain of your dreams here.

Build Your Own Custom Rapper Chains

Not seeing the chain you want? You can make your own custom chain here at Hype! If you’re an up-and-coming artist looking to brand yourself and get your own unique, personalized jewelry - we’ve got you covered.

Starting at just $25, even these personalized pendants and chains are affordable. Add whatever text you want, and choose from three different starting points.

We’ve Got You Covered On All Your Cheap Jewelry Needs

These hip-hop chains are dope - no doubt. But they aren’t the only jewelry we carry at Hype. We can help you ice out your wrist or fingers, too, with budget-friendly:

Don’t Wait - Grab Your Hip Hop Chains Now Before They Disappear!

The demand for these low-priced rapper-esque chains is outrageous. They are flying off the shelves - no cap. Grab yours quickly because we can’t promise it’ll come back in stock if you wait.